Shipping and returns

Shipping and returns


In Lithuania, we deliver parcels to the selected Omniva or DPD post machine.

Shipping costs:

Omniva postal machines in Lithuania: € 2.89

DPD post machines in Lieuva: € 2.99

Parcels in Lithuania are sent and delivered within 1-5 working days 90% of the time. under normal conditions, they are delivered within 1-2 days. Courier services also deliver to post machines on Saturdays. Shipments may be delayed due to adverse circumstances.

We also cooperate with suppliers of post machines, we have contracts with them, but from the moment we hand over the parcels to them, we can no longer regulate the path of the parcel and we receive the same information as the customer who ordered the products. We can only help through our courier manager by correcting the order information - for example, if the customer specified a wrong post office address during the order. Therefore, if the shipment is delayed or if some other circumstance occurs, due to which you did not receive your shipment, you can write us a request to help find the shipment, and we will always help.

We are an honest manufacturer and we always do our best to make the customer happy and satisfied with the quality of service. Errors happen from time to time, so we ask for your understanding, we will definitely correct them and compensate for the loss incurred. However, if we do everything right on our part, and the customer speaks to us in profane, disrespectful language, we reserve the right to block the profiles of disrespectful and unsightly customers and not to sell our products without explaining the reason.

According to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, cosmetics are not returnable goods. If you suspect that a product may not be suitable for your skin, we always recommend trying a sample pack before purchasing.

If you have questions or can't find shipping prices, send a request by e-mail. by mail

Can I RETURN the purchased cosmetic product?

Detailed return rules, cases are described in our "Rules for buying and selling goods".

The link is here.

According to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, cosmetic products are not returnable goods. However, if the package broke during shipping or you received a defective product, we will replace the product. In this case, send a photo of the package and additional detailed information to